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        UAB "GAMBERA"


         ... a sip of fresh air for your car ...

     We are manufacturer and distributor of automotive industrial equipments of air and cabin filters located in Lithuania. Since the very begining in 1998, when the company was established, until today we closely stick with three goals, -

      - to offer highest quality air and cabin filters to our customers,

      - to set a reasonable price,

     - and to constantly renew the assortment of our production following market dynamics.






     To guarantee highest quality of our production we choose the best materials. Besides, with no hesitation we invest regularly in high quality machinery and renew it constantly. We offer to our costumers only impeccably quality filters.

   Indeed, our production match all technical requirements listed in the normative documents IST 5898266-001:2000. The quality is also justified by PCT sertificate No. C.LT.АГ17.B.04580 handed in 2011 year.




      We are proud to present a wide and constantly expanding assortment of our production. Closely following the situation in market and leaning on the needs our customers express, currently our sale-offer consists of filters for almost all car models.

     We sell filters not only in Lithuania. The most part of our production is exported to Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Germany, Moldova and to other countries.